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False Alarm Fees

When police are dispatched to an alarm call, an event is generated. If the alarm call is determined to be false by the responding officer due to human error or equipment problem, or there is no sign of criminal activity, a notification letter is sent to the alarm holder advising them of the alarm response. 

An alarm user shall be subject to warnings and fines depending on the number of false alarms the department responded to within a calendar year. The following schedule applies to false alarms:

**If Un-Permitted, False Alarm Occurrences will include additional $25.00 fee beginning on the 2nd false alarm. 

Number of False AlarmsAction TakenFines
1Warning LetterNone
2Written Notice$50
3Written Notice$150
4 and overWritten Notice$300


*Submit a written request/statement as to why you feel the charge and/or occurrence should be waived or removed from your account, along with any supporting documentation (police reports, alarm company documentation, etc).

*Submit via email using the Contact Us page.

*Be sure to include Permit License #, alarm location address, and incident date(s) in question.

*Submit within fourteen (14) calendar days of the notice imposing the charge.